Eco Pest Control Solutions For Your Home

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Eco Pest Control Solutions For Your Home

How To Keep Pests At Bay?

Eco Friendly Pest Control

Pests are known for their damaging nature. This is because they can destroy all of your furniture, plants, food, and everything in the house. Even your health is in jeopardy. As a result, having them in your home is dangerous. However, it is often difficult to get the best pest control method. That is because you will see a lot of different methods that may not be of help. Therefore, as much as you cannot wait to get rid of pests, it is necessary to consider an eco-friendly solution suitable for you.

1. Natural Pest Control Methods

As mentioned earlier, you must consider a pest control method that is not hazardous to your health and environment. A natural pest control method is the best and safest way to control pests. The reason is that all the required products are natural substances; hence, they are not toxic to humans, pets, or the environment.

2. Biological Pest Control Methods

Biological pest control methods are natural ways of controlling pests. Instead of using chemicals like pesticides, the method allows a natural predator organism into the environment to prey on the pest. Edward Ellis of Eco Pest Control Brisbane recommended to introduce a natural predator. He mentioned it is a commonly used natural pest control method. All you have to do is bring in a predator organism of the pest into the environment. For example, ladybugs are predators to aphids as cats are predators to rats. Although this is an old method, it is known for its effectiveness. However, you have to be careful not to introduce too many new organisms into your environment.

3. Applying Natural Remedies

A lot of natural products are helpful for pest control. For example, products like cinnamon, coffee ground, peppermint, eucalyptus, cucumber, and lots more, are useful against pests. We will be looking at some and how they help with pest control.

4. Cedar

Cedar has a pleasant smell, but this smell is not so inviting to some pests. Such pests include moths and fleas. As a result, the pests keep their distance. For this to work, you must put the fruit in the disturbed area.

Natural Insect Repellent

5. Peppermint

Rodents and spiders find the smell of peppermint disgusting. Therefore, they try to avoid it, and when introduced to their environment, they relocate. This works with spraying peppermint oil or water in the house.

6. Baking soda

Bed Bugs dry off when they come in contact with baking soda. You must spread it around the infected area, leave it for a week, and clean it out with the dried bedbugs after.

7. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is known to keep flies away. Therefore, you must either get its plant and keep it around or spray its oil in the affected area.

8. Coffee Ground

Coffee grounds kill ants and bugs. After drinking your next coffee, do not dispose of the coffee grounds, but put them around.

9. Physical Pest Control Methods

Physical pest control methods are another natural way of getting rid of pests. As the name implies, it requires physically dealing with the pests by yourself. These include killing or making traps. Below are ways to execute physical pest control;

10. Poison Bait

Poison bait is also a commonly used method. You will need poisonous bait in the area. Always take safety precautions when using bait. You must keep it out of reach of children.

11. Traps

There are different types of traps made for different kinds of pests (rodents, flies, birds, insects). All you must do is set them in areas where the pests are. Then, check back frequently until pests are caught, remove the pests, and reset the trap.

Pest Traps

12. Removal of Breeding Grounds

A pest’s breeding ground is their comfort zone. This includes where they get food from and where they nest. Your aim here is to destroy these areas. You can look up different means of removing a pest’s breeding ground.

13. Hygienic Pest Control Methods

A hygienic pest control method is a preventive method. That makes it a more essential strategy than others. As the name implies, all you must do is cultivate a proper hygiene routine that discourages pests from your home. For example, throw food out quickly, empty the garbage can, clean your home regularly, etc. This helps to keep pests out of your home for good.


All the listed methods are very effective natural ways of controlling pests. Most importantly, they are not hazardous to your health and home.…

10 Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

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10 Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Reasons Why You Should Hire The Experts

Local Carpet Cleaners

  One of the most significant aspects of home decoration is the carpet. It is one of the materials you should purchase while constructing a home. But more than buying, it is crucial to clean your carpet professionally. This is because the constant foot traffic and use will eventually cause germs, stains, and bacteria. Cleaning your carpet yourself will yield little results. However, professional carpet cleaners including NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne have the skills and equipment to clean your carpets better than you can. Below are some benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned.

1. Health Benefit

Regular carpet cleaning is crucial to your health. Whenever you do not clean your carpet, it causes a lot of microbes and bacteria to breed unchecked. All this can result in health problems such as diseases, allergies, and breathing problems. Therefore, if you wish to avoid infections, you must develop a high taste of cleanliness. You can destroy bacteria, germs, and allergens by professionally cleaning your carpet.

2. Improves the air quality

Bacteria and dust from your carpet contaminate the air. These can affect the quality of air in your home and office. For people with allergies, this contamination can cause an allergic reaction or respiratory disease. Although the bacteria settle in the carpet, they will move into the air upon disturbance. One way to avoid this is to clean your carpet.

3. Increase the lifespan of the carpet

The benefit of cleaning your carpet does not end with you but also helps to increase its lifespan. The accumulation of dust, stain, and bacteria on your carpet will tear down its fiber. As a result, your carpet will deteriorate quickly and appear dull. By regularly cleaning it, you will keep your carpet in a pristine shape for a long time.

4. Eradicate stains and odor

Carpet stains can leave an odor that is difficult to remove. This will happen if it is not cleaned well. For example, the accumulation of dog, cat, and infant pee, coffee spills will give your carpet an unpleasant smell. In addition, allergens can wreak havoc on the respiratory system. This will make breathing difficult due to the odor. Therefore, to get rid of the stink, you must properly clean your carpet regularly.

Professional Stain Removals

5. Improved appearance of the carpet

A carpet will absorb a lot of dirt if it is not cleaned, and the dirt will affect the overall appearance of the carpet and room. By hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you will improve the carpet fibers and give the carpet and your room an attractive look, even after using it for a long period.

6. Eliminate bacteria and allergens buildup

When a carpet is wet and soiled, it accumulates a variety of harmful pollutants. For example, bacteria and allergens will thrive and even breed. This is not only harmful to your health and environment but will affect the carpet’s appearance. A professional carpet cleaner will remove all the microorganisms and allergens.

7. Reduce the traffic lane effect

The carpeting in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, hallways, and living rooms, will deteriorate quicker than carpeting in bedrooms. That is due to the dirt on some regions of the carpet, and the fact that you trample on them more. A professional cleaning will reduce the filth and traffic lane effect. That will help to increase the lifespan and make it look new.

8. Ensures carpet warranty

Apart from the health benefit of cleaning your carpet, there is a provision for a carpet warranty that stipulates within a time frame, usually 12 to 18 months. If you don’t clean your carpet professionally during this period, you can’t claim a warranty on damages.

9. Easy maintenance of carpet

Spots and stains can absorb more soiling. However, dry soils make up the majority of carpet soiling. Dry soil is removed by regularly using a vacuum. To do this, you must maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. A cleaner carpet is generally easier to maintain than a dirty one.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

10. Saves cost

Save cost by cleaning your old and dirty carpet instead of buying a new one. It costs less to clean your carpet than to buy a new one.


One of the ways you can enjoy your carpet for a long time is by cleaning it professionally. Routine carpet cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner is beneficial to your health, the environment, and the carpet itself.…

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Pest Exterminators

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Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring Professional Exterminators

Why Hire Pest Technicians?

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Exterminators
Pests – those little monsters that can really make your life miserable and give you a run for money if not taken care of properly at the right time. Pests like cockroaches, rodents, flies, and spiders can spread infections easily. They can contaminate your food, destroy your books, clothes and even weaken the house structure.

How Do Professional Exterminators Help You?

Professionally trained pest management experts are the best to treat any problem you have at home. a local pest controller from Pro Pest Control Gold Coast is Scott Dixon. He told us that “many people try to treat problems themselves buy most pests are immune to over the counter chemicals. That’s why they call us, to rid the pest problem once and for all. Our chemicals are industrial strength and work extremely well.” he added.

To understand the threat posed by pests, it is necessary to understand their habits. Pests frequent unhealthy areas like garbage cans, carcass, decomposing food and excretion and other such materials, and often even lie their eggs there.

Flies, for instance, pick up pathogens and germs from the areas on their legs and hair on their body. These pathogens are transferred to another surface from touch, including exposed food. Flies also use their saliva to dilute any food they eat, and contaminate the food in the process.

Eating the contaminated food items results in a wide range of diseases including cholera, typhoid, dysentery, salmonella, anthrax, and tuberculosis.

Dangers of Pest Infestations

Bites and stings

Pest bites are generally painful and cause itchy feeling for some time. A sting from big garden ants, for instance, can be painful for more than one day and cause inflammation. Babies are more vulnerable to ant bites as they have less resistance to pain.

Disease transmission

Pests feed on rotting food materials and plant parts. They can carry germs and diseases with them and bring it to your home. They are also attracted to food and swarm around in thousands to scavenge it. Your food can be contaminated and consuming that can be fatal.

Structural damage

Some pests like the Carpenter ants burrow into wooden walls and furniture to move and make their colonies. They mostly prefer moist and rotting wood which is easy to gnaw through. Over time an army of ants can chew through structures and make them unstable. Wooden platforms can sag, bend inwards or even fall apart due to longtime infestation.

Hygiene problems

Pests walk around dirty locations and carry diseases. An infestation means you will have ants all over the place including your cabinets, beds and sofas. It can become a hygiene problem and cause health problems.

The Top 5 Benefits

The Top 5 Benefits

If you notice any of these pests, it’s time to take help from professional exterminators immediately.

Here are the five benefits of hiring professional exterminators in Australia.

1. Safer

Pests are a carrier of infections and can make you and your family sick. Trying to handle the problem on your own and spraying insecticides isn’t a good idea.

Using more than required can affect you adversely in the longer run.

Additionally, pests can also damage water tunnels, sewage, and other pipelines – professional exterminators will take care of all of this.

2. More efficient

You can’t kill all the pests out there – then can. They can customize their cleaning strategy according to the size and structure of your house.

Pus, they know how to identify the source and clean them, so that it isn’t a recurring problem. Professional exterminators can clear your house off all the lizards, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, flies and all other pests in an efficient and safe way.

3. Cleaning

Looking to do more than just trying to deal with pests? Pest control operations can help you get your home clean thoroughly so that when you move in, you won’t have to worry much.

Save time and effort the smart way.

4. Save Money:

Call in professional exterminators once or twice a year, and you can save money on medical bills and have a safer home.

Taking help from professional exterminators and spending some money, you can actually save a lot more money in the long run.

5. Peace of mind

Apart from the health risks, pest infestation also means loss of business for commercial enterprises.

Many organizations like restaurants and eateries thrive on their reputation of hygiene and cleanliness. If customers find flies inside your building, they will feel threatened due to the health risks. They can completely stop coming resulting in loss of earnings.


Don’t lose sleep with nightmares about spiders or lizards crawling over you. Pest control operations by the professional exterminators will actually give you the much needed peace of mind, by using a very effective, efficient and safe way to clear all the pests away.…

Office Relocation

Office Relocation? 10 Tips to Reduce Office Moving Stress

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Let’s face it; office relocation can be a pain in the butt—a piece of information confirmed by tens and thousands of people who have followed this route.

As bad as it may sound, going through the treacherous waters of office shifting could be a necessary evil in your life. After all, you can’t afford to be a difficulty-avoider over here because office shifting plans are rarely dropped in the middle of an ordinary day.

So, how do you find buffer from the stress involved in the process of office shifting? Well, we have the answer to this nightmare question.


  1. Start Early Planning

As they say, “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” So, a successful office relocation depends a lot on proper planning of the logistics involved in the process. Your best bet would be to break the relocation down to many steps and stages to make it more manageable than usual.

Here are some key things to keep in mind while planning for an office relocation:

  • Do not underestimate the time and effort required for office shifting—most people often end up committing this age-old mistake.
  • It helps to be an early bird over here. So, plan in advance to get some cushioning on the tasks that can take more time than anticipated.


  1. Discuss the Move

It helps to break the news of relocation with employees, external partners, and third parties as soon as the move becomes imminent.

Believe it or not, this is one of the keys to successful office relocation. After all, it helps to have them on board with the idea of shifting. How do you inform them?

    • Contact them through email or WhatsApp to break the news.
    • Update the company’s social media pages with the news.
    • Post a relocation board on your office door.
    • Set up a voice system on the office phones.
    • Important clients should be informed in person.

office relocation guide

  1. Decide the Timeframe and Budget

As you might already know, any reckless move can backfire in a big way over here. So, it helps to decide on the timeframe and budget in advance for the move.

Keep in mind to have some flexibility in both the areas because office relocation is a nightmare in itself. So, some degree of flexibility is a must to avoid premature disappointment down the road. Other benefits include:

  • Deciding on the time and budget in advance will save you from many last-minute irresponsible decisions.
  • It will also help you cut down the expenses on poorly implemented moves.


  1. Form a Moving Team

Once you have planned everything in your head, seek volunteers from each department to form an in-house team of office movers.

Your job should be to identify key employees from each department to help you execute all the planned moves. You can also take fresh viewpoints from them to achieve agreement on the move. Some important things to keep in mind are:

  • Hold regular meetings with the chosen employees for the sake of project planning, inspection, and accountability.
  • Assign tasks with stringent deadlines. This isn’t to increase their worries, but to ensure that the office relocation happens on time.


  1. Get Rid of all the Junk

Use the relocation as a golden opportunity for a fresh start. As it is, you would hate to carry all the junk stuff to the new location. So, dump all the ancient and useless stuff which are no longer needed in the new premises.

It could be your outdated computer, non-functional printer, old company leaflets, or anything else that no longer deserves a place in the new office. Some humble tips below:

  • Donate the old stuff instead of throwing them in the bin to get some much-needed blessings.
  • Shred old papers and documents by converting them into digital files.
  • Do not donate electronic items until you have wiped out all the data from within.


  1. Reduce Downtime

Of course, you would want your workers to be productive till the day of shifting. For the same, you cannot afford to deprive them of everyday use equipment.

Your best bet over here would be to move non-essential items first. Tools that are necessary for everyday operations can be moved at a later stage. Here are some tips on this subject:

  • Split your office equipment into “essential” and “non-essential” category to reduce downtime during the move.
  • Make sure to nicely label the sorted items to minimize any confusion at the time of unpacking.


  1. Contact Utility Companies

Get in touch with all the utility companies to disconnect the utility services to the old office. From the Internet connection to the old office phones, and everything else in between that comes with a recurring cost should be abandoned before shifting.

Keep in mind that some of these services will be required until the final day of the move for the employees to keep working. So, you will have to plan this thing in some hierarchy that best suits the move.

  • Depending on how far you are shifting, you might want to continue with the same utility provider on the new location. This might save you some deposit money.
  • Don’t leave this critical task until the last minute. A utility service company may take anywhere between few days to a few weeks to get their job done. So, leave enough time for a smooth transition.
  • Before the move, set up the cables and wires in the new office as well so that the new location can be use-ready from day one.


  1. Recreate the Interior

If your office reminds people of the 1980s, then there is a definite need to change the interior of the new office before the move to keep the employee spirit high.

After all, office relocation is a good opportunity for not just office makeover, but also brand makeover. The moment the employees step inside the new office, they should feel like they have been welcomed by a breath of fresh air like never before.

  • The possibilities are endless over here. One can create open workspaces, delegate an area for relaxation, invest in better lightings, add artwork, and do so much to design a productive workplace.
  • Also, consider using natural materials such as plants, wood, and natural fibers at the time of interior designing for the natural look and feel that’s preferred by many of us.

stress free office relocation

  1. Hire the Pros

If you are not ready to be a “go-getter” over here, you can seek professional help to get the relocation job done. The hired company will pack, load, and move all your office stuff to the desired destination.

You can expect a more organized, efficient, and painless move by hiring the pros. You can count on more benefits by entrusting the office moving task to the experts:

  • Stress-free office relocation on any given day of the week.
  • Experienced manpower to handle everything from scratch.
  • Insurance coverage to handle damages during transit.
  • Minimal downtime during the hectic office move.
  • Proper planning and execution for a successful move.


  1. Settle in

Once the move is done, it’s time to get settled in the new premises. As you might already know, you need to make everyone involved with your company know about your new office address. From your customers to your suppliers, no one should be left guessing about your new location.

  • Start printing new business cards and letterheads with the new office address.
  • Don’t forget the digital side of the business. Update the new address everywhere on the online arena as well.
  • Order new stationery (if needed) and marketing materials with the new office location.


Final Words

Even the most difficult office relocation is doable with proper planning, resources, and experience. By paying heed to the pointers listed above, you will be able to handle the move much better than usual to save yourself from one giant headache.

Since everything will be well-organized, your move will be fast, stress-free, and smoother than your expectations even if the size and scope of the task may have seemed like a nightmare at first.…

Best Pest Control Tips For Home Owners

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Best Pest Control Tips For Home Owners

DIY Pest Control Around The House

Once you’ve moved into your new home, there are a number of things that need to be treated, one of them is pests. Pest can be very frustrating for homeowners. They take away your comfort and safety which are the reasons for owning a home. Pest are occasionally very expensive to control as in some cases, you may need to hire companies to help control them. Pest can also have destructive effects on properties. This therefore certifies the need to control the pest. Pest are better prevented than managed. In some cases, you may only need to know the control tips for you to manage the pest. The common home pest include ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes, rodents, bugs, fleas etc. The following are tips provided by a local pest control company in Sydney provide a great starting point to win the battle over pests.

Reduce hiding spots

You may need to seal cracks in your walks and large openings in your foundations. These acts as hiding places for most pest eg cockroaches, bedbugs. Opening around windows and phone lines may also act as entry points for some pest like rats. You may use wiremeshes to block some openings while still allowing fresh air in. This therefore necessitates the need for you to block them(

Draining Stagnant Water

During rainy seasons, water pools may collect around the homestead. These act as breeding grounds for some pest eg mosquitoes. You therefore need to drain the stagnant water around your home to destroy the life cycle of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes transmit malaria that could be very dangerous to your health and costly to treat.

Use of Baits

You can control pest like ants using this method. This has proved effective as it targets the colony of ants. The bait is usually placed in a place of frequent activity by the ant. It has also been shown to kill the egg laying queen. Ants are very destructive if left uncontrolled.

Clearing of bushes around your home

Bushes, garden debris may act as hiding places for some pest eg rats. When such bushes around cleared, the pest are kept away from the use. Garden debris also act as hiding places for pests. Eliminating garden debris would destroy their hide outs.

Use of pesticides

Pesticides have always been used to control pests. You may use pesticides against such pest as fleas, mites, cockroaches. Pesticides may however be harmful to your health and the environment. According to the environmental protection agency, toxicity of pesticides counts for the advocacy against their use. Pesticides in Australia are is governed by APVMA The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Use of predators

Some people have employed the use of this mechanism. It’s application is however limited. Home pets eg Cats have been used in this case. Cats helps in controlling rats, cockroaches and other pests.

Trimming of tree branches and overhanging branches

These acts as runways for pests. Some pest also use this as pathways into the house. Crawling insects may get to the house through these branches. If you trimmed the branches, that would save you from the trouble.

Do not leave food remains in the countertops and in the house

Some pest eg cockroaches thrive in moist and moist places. Food remains have proved to attract a large group of cockroaches, clearing of such remains would help in controlling them.

Proper house cleaning

You may need to clean your house properly to help control some pest. Some pest eg mites, fleas thrives in dusty conditions. Therefore cleaning the house helps in controlling them by doing away with the dust.

Use of insects repellent and using of other protective

You can also use repellents in controlling some insect pest. Mosquito repellents, for example, have been used to control mosquitoes. In other cases, you may also use treated nets to control mosquitoes.

On finding any pest, it is just proper that you learn about the best. It is proper that you learn about the control methods for the pest. It is after this that the control method can be employed.


It is important to control best to save yourself the stress of having them within your house. The loss that comes with pest infestation is massive. Some of them have also been known to cause diseases. However, before undertaking any control, it is important that you consider among others; that you choose a method that kills many, that you choose a method that use a concentrated formula , keep in mind the safety of the environment and that you choose a cost effective. To learn more visit for information on domestic pest treatments.…

End Of Lease Cleaning Guide

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Step by Step DIY End Of Lease Cleaning Guide

Anyone who has ever reached the end of a lease and decided not to renew knows the headache that comes with packing, moving, and then having to clean the home or apartment.

It would be easy to overlook that last annoyance of cleaning, but for most, receiving the security depot back is very financially important. Many times getting it back comes down to whether or not you clean the residence well enough.

If you have found yourself at the end of your lease follow this step-by-step DIY end of lease cleaning guide, and you’ll be sure to impress even the pickiest landlord.

End Of Lease Cleaning Guide

Get Prepared

Before you get started you want to make sure that you have all of the necessary cleaning supplies on hand. Make a run to the store and pick up the follow essentials:

  • Sponges
  • Rags
  • Paper towels
  • Stain remover
  • Magic Erasers
  • Bleach
  • Tile Cleaner
  • Rubber Cleaning Gloves

To talk with professionals ask Pro Bond Cleaning Brisbane to get free advice for an extensive list of home cleaning products and their uses.

Start With The Floors

Regardless of what type of flooring the residence has, it is a huge component of the home’s value and can be costly to replace. If the flooring is in need of replacing before new tenants move in, you’ll not likely get your deposit back.

If the home has carpeting consider investing in a steamer to remove any built up dirt and dinginess. Buy a deep-stain remover and treat bad stains with it before your steam.

Visit home improvement store websites, like, to price out the cost of renting a steamer. Make sure all tile and wood floors are thoroughly cleaned and buffed.

Clean Major Appliances

Any appliances that will be staying at the home should be wiped down and cleaned out. Here are some tips on how to clean common appliances.

  • The Oven

Remove all burnt and chard pieces from the bottom of the oven, then scrub the rest with a Brillo pad

  • The Refrigerator

Make sure to clean out all the food and then defrost the freezer. Wipe down all interior surfaces of the refrigerator with a bleach and water mixture.

  • The Dishwasher

With a gloved hand and rag, clean out any soap scum or food debris that has accumulated at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Make Sure the Bathrooms Are Spotless

No one wants to clean up a bathroom after someone else, so pay close attention cleaning these. Make sure the toilet is cleaned with bleach, the tile and grout are scrubbed, and sinks are free of built up hair and debris. Also, make sure that all the cabinets and drawers are cleared of personal care items.

Clean and Patch Up The Walls

Certainly in the time you’ve spent at the residence you’ve hung a few pictures, and left a few scuffs on the walls. Start by cleaning the scuffs and marks with a damp magic eraser.

These can be found at any grocery store and work wonders on walls. Then take the time to patch in holes left by nails where pictures once hung.

End Of Lease Cleaning

Do A Final Walk Through

When you’ve completed all of the major cleaning tasks, take the time to walk through each room and look for anything else that might need cleaned or repaired.

Look up high and down low, at places that may be out of sight at most times. If necessary, consider wiping down dusty floorboards, washing windows, or making minor repairs on the home.…

10 Tips For Hiring The Best Furniture Removalists

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Anyone who has ever moved to a new home knows that the moving process can be extremely stressful. If you want to make the move easier and less stressful, you should hire a furniture removalist.

When you hire a professional, you won’t need to worry about the heavy lifting and you won’t need to worry about finding people to help.

Since you are trusting your new home and all of your belongings to the removalists, you want to be sure that you are hiring a reputable company. Below are 10 tips to follow if you want to hire the best person for the job.

Do Your Research

Before you hire a company, you should do some research. If you have friends or family member who has recently moved, you can ask them which company they used. In South East Queensland there are many Brisbane removalists like Scottys The Movers who have been serving the local commuity for over 10 years. Also ask around on social media to get recommendations from friends.

There are also plenty of online review sites where you can read reviews from former customers. Finally, you can check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if the company has had any complaints filed.

10 Tips For Hiring The Best Furniture Removalists

Get Estimates From Different Companies

You don’t want to hire the first company that you find during an internet search. It is a good idea to contact a few companies and get estimates. If there is a company who gives you an estimate that is much lower than the rest, you want to avoid that company.

There is often a reason that these companies are charging so little and it won’t benefit you at all. You should choose the company with the lowest quote that is close to the average cost.

Find Out How Many People Will Be Helping With the Move

Before hiring a furniture removalist, you should find out how many people are going to be there on moving day to help with the job.

This is especially important if the company charges by the hour. The more people there are to help, the faster the job will get done. This will save you money on the cost of the move.

Ask If the Company Is Insured

You should only work with a furniture removalist who has insurance. If any of your belongs are broken or if the new home is damaged, the company’s insurance would pay for the damage. If the company is not insured, you can have a hard time getting reimbursed by the company.

Explain the Whole Move to the Removalist

When you call a removalist for a quote, you should let them know exactly what you are having moved. There are some companies who will charge extra for very large items, such as pianos.

If there isn’t anywhere to park at the old home or the new home, the company might charge more since they have to walk further. When you give them this information right away, there will be no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

If Possible, Move During the Winter

Most furniture removalists will charge more between October and April. If you want to save money on the move, you should try to schedule your move during these months.

If you cannot, you should call and schedule the move well in advance. Since the spring and summer months are the busiest for furniture removalists, you might not be able to find a mover who is available if you wait too long

Only Hire A Company With a Professional Moving Truck

Unfortunately, moving scams are very common. Before you hire a removalist, you should find out what type of truck they are driving.

If they are going to be renting a truck to handle your move, you might want to find another company. A reputable removalist will have a truck with their company name, address, and phone number printed on the truck.

Ask About Additional Fees

When you get a quote from a removalist, you should find out if the quote would be the total cost of the job or if there would be additional fees. Some companies charge extra for mileage and gas.

If you don’t want any unexpected surprises when it is time to pay, you should ask about any additional fees that you would need to pay. Check more about hidden moving cost.

Best Furniture Removalists

Work With a Licensed Removalist

You should only work with a furniture removalist who is licensed. If the company has a license, you can be sure that they are professional and they take their job seriously. Also, a license is a sign of a reputable company.

Request a Contract

You would only work with a company who will put everything in writing. The contract should include the cost of the job, the date, the number of people helping, and the company’s license and insurance information.

If you are planning to hire a furniture removalist on moving day, want to be sure that you are working with a reputable company. If you follow the tips listed above, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the best person for the job.…

How To Find The Best Brisbane Removalists

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How To Find The Best Brisbane Removalists

Tips To Find The Best Furniture Movers

How To Find The Best Brisbane Removalists

If you are moving to Queensland and need help with choosing a removalist this article is for you.

Kicking off a new life in Brisbane may just be the thing you need. Based in the heart of South East Queensland, Brisbane has hot, humid summers and dry winters. Apart the the beautiful weather it also has many other amazing places to visit the explore. But just like any relocation, moving to an unfamiliar place can be both an emotional and physical process. It is thrilling, while at the same time also daunting. Fortunately, professional removalists can help you relocate easier.

Get Professional Help

Removalists Brisbane

Professional removalists Brisbane will be able to assist you with the challenging chore of physically moving your things from your old house to your new one. Because they are familiar with the city and its every corner, you can rest assured that they will deliver your things the fastest way and safest way possible.

Don’t be surprised if you come across some very cheap prices either. But buyer beware, the cheapest isn’t always the bets. Some companies don’t have the relevant exprience and could possibly damaage your furnture. To avoid expensive errors, do the first step and ask for referrals.

Use Local Experts

A great advantage of hiring local movers i they have excellent knowledge of the city. They know short cuts that most people don’t. Use this to your advantage and get them to put their skills to the test. Avoiding traffic and congested areas can also save you money to reducing transprt and travel times.

Removalists Brisbane know the city’s every nook and corner so you can be certain that they can transport your belongings in the fastest way possible.

Get Referrals

Many customers go online and post their opinions and experiences on public forums. You might pick up a thing or two on which one functions exceedingly and which one lacks in customer service skills or moving skills. Great places to read reviews are Google+, Facebook, Truelocal and Yellow Pages.

Don’t look at the cost only

Of course, price is important. But we recommend that you don’t base your choice solely on cost. Good removalists have overheads which include employing quality staff, regular servicing of their fleet of trucks and insurance to cover the cost of accidental breakage. That may mean additional cost to you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in the end.

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

That maxim is likewise relevant here. Some moving companies add hidden fees. So before you sign on the dotted line, always ask for an explanation on the items they are charging. Clear things first. Ask the company if there are charges that you need to be aware of.

How To find The Best Removalists

Hiring a professional team of removalists can save you time and money. Moving to South East Queensland is exciting, take the time to research your preferred movers to help alleviate the stress and enjoy your time to get the important things done.

When looking for the best Brisbane removalists, you should look for various elements to ascertain if you are indeed placing your trust in a reputable company.

Ask friends for referrals

The first thing you have to do is ask for your friends and family members’ referrals. They may have experience in dealing with a removalist, and their thoughts may prove to be beneficial. Look for feedbacks on the Internet as well. There are comments made by past clients of mover firms online as well.

Reviews and testimonials

Web feedbacks are mostly truthful and just constructive criticisms. Those who posted their comments had been clients of a specific company so what they wrote are based on their own experience. They can tell you if a certain removalist company’s staff are professional and courteous and if they have done their work efficiently.


There may be removal companies out there that offer the lowest prices, but do they also offer insurance? A good removal company should offer its customers insurance. You never know when you are going to need it but it’s better safe than sorry.


Check on their website and social media profiles to see how long they have been in business. As an extra measure to protect yourself, companies with a long history normally have extra experience.

Having a new start in Brisbane is a thrilling and exiting time for your family. Just remember to take asome extra time in your pre-planning and preparation, do your homework and research removalists to find which is best for you. Remember if you are moving to South East Queenland be sure the check out our partners from Pro Removalists Brisbane.

We hope you liked How To Find The Best Brisbane Removalists guide, feel free to leave your comments. Good luck and happy moving!…

Three Essential Tips For Moving House

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Essential Tips and Advice For Moving House

Moving doesn’t need to be stressful. Follow our three helpful moving house tips for a smooth transition. Most of us dread the thought of moving house. Before you start stressing, check out our three must-know moving house tips and get organised.

1. Decluttering

Why would you want to take anything you don’t need to your new home? Before you even think about packing for your move, you should cull all the items you no longer need. This process can take a while, so start well in advance. Also, think about how you want your new home to look. Will your vintage items still work, gracing that sideboard in your modern home? Or is it time for a garage sale? Those designer dresses you haven’t worn the last couple of years could earn you some extra cash as well. Move through each room, shed and storage area, and thoughtfully – but ruthlessly – decide what can go. Here are a few tips on what you can do with items you want to get rid of:

  • Ask family and friends if they’d like anything
  • Hold a garage or online sale
  • Pass items on to charity stores
  • Dispose of any rubbish in an environmentally friendly way.

2. Change of address

When you move house, it’s really important that you update your new address details with family, friends and the appropriate organisations. From vehicle registration to schools, the doctor, gym and electoral commission, there’s so much to remember! Luckily, a government checklist can help you on your way.

3. Hiring The Right Removalist

If you want a stress-free move, doing your homework and research will pay off in the long run. To save your back, it’s always a good idea to hire professional removalists to lug heavier items and furniture. They can help you pack and move all your smaller items as well. Always read reviews and ask for a free quote and any other advice they can offer you for your move. As an extra tip, sometimes reputable removalists will also offer free packing boxes, but you have to ask!

Also, If you’re moving soon, get all your utilities sorted on time. To compare quotes and get the best possible deal from your energy supplier, go to the Energy Australia online estimator to see how much energy could cost in your new house.…